What are the symptoms of vascular dementia?

What are the symptoms of vascular dementia?


Vascular dementia can have symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

These may include memory loss, disorientation and problems with communication. There can also be more specific symptoms and these will differ depending on the area of the brain affected.


These symptoms may include:

  • Slower thinking – taking more time to process information and to form thoughts and sentences.
  • Personality changes – people may become low in mood, more emotional or lose interest in what’s happening around them.
  • Movement problems – difficulty walking or changes in the way a person walks.
  • Stability – unsteadiness and falls.


Some of the symptoms of vascular dementia may also be caused by other conditions. The symptoms of vascular dementia get worse over time. This can take several years, but the speed of change can vary over time and from person to person. There may be a sudden change after an event such as a stroke. In the later stages, the condition affects more aspects of everyday life. People may need help with activities such as eating, dressing and using the toilet.


Dr Behzad Basit is an experienced Psychiatrist who helps patients with living with dementia. With his medical career starting in 1988, Dr Basit been described by patients and colleagues as very approachable and can help patients experiencing problems with memory and possible Dementia. His background in general practice, psychiatry and psychotherapy enables him to take a holistic approach in the assessment and management of patients.


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Source: Alzheimers Research UK

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