Booking &
Cancellation Policy

Please be advised we are unable to offer emergency care. Please call 999 or attend the nearest A&E department in case of emergencies.

  • If you are a new patient, you need to register and create an account using your full name (as written on your ID), mobile number, and email.
  • You can then book your initial assessment online (unless we have advised you differently) by choosing the location, the type of assessment as well as the funding source of your care.
  • Please be advised that by booking an appointment (online portal, email…) you are agreeing with our terms and conditions.
  • Furthermore, you can use our client portal to view your appointments, pay for your appointments, and manage your invoices.
  • It would be most helpful if you fill in the Patient Registration Form sent to you by email. We would recommend that you complete all parts, the completion of fields marked with *is essential for your booking.
  • Furthermore, we need to keep a copy of your photo ID (driving license, passport…) and a proof of address (recent utility bill) in your file. Please send them to
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the type of appointment you may need, if the time and date you are looking for are not shown on the online portal, or if you need any other assistance. Alternatively, we can book you a telephone call (5-10 minutes) with the consultant to raise your questions. Telephone calls cannot be booked in place of appointments.
  • Please be advised that on occasions, despite our best effort, we may not be able to offer the appointment you have booked. In those circumstances, we will contact you ASAP and offer an alternative. If you are not satisfied with the alternative appointment we offer, you will be issued a full refund of any payments you have made.
  • We use Stripe to process payments. This is one of the safest systems of its type. Your card details will be used and stored (if you choose to save) by Stripe. We do not keep your payment details.
  • If you are funding for your care, you are required to pay the total cost of assessment to proceed with your booking. For follow-up appointments and assessments booked directly by us, you will receive a notification by email and text about your new invoice. You can pay your invoice by logging into our online portal. Invoices are required to be fully paid no less than a week prior to the consultation to keep your appointment.
  • If you are insured, you do not need to make any payments at the time of booking. We contact you to take details of a debit or credit card which will be saved securely via Stripe as the booking guarantee.
  • If you are insured, invoices are sent directly to your insurer and on your behalf, unless you indicate otherwise. If your insurer is overseas, or we are not registered with your insurer, you will have to pay as a self-funder and claim expenses from the insurer yourself. You are also responsible for paying any insurance excess if incurred.
  • If you fail to provide correct details of your insurer up to 3 working days after the appointment, or if your insurer does not authorise your appointment/treatment, you will be charged the full price of the appointment as self-funded.
  • Fees apply to outpatient consultations, inpatient care, telephone appointments, repeat prescriptions outside of consultations, and letters in addition to routine clinic letters.
  • The length of an appointment is an estimate of the time required for the majority of similar patients. This includes 10 min after assessments (5 min after follow-ups) to record all information and to issue any required prescription. Appointments are charged per session rather than the actual length of each consultation in minutes.
  • You will be charged (whether you are insured or self-funded) the full fee of your confirmed appointment if you fail to attend as planned, or for cancellations with notice of less than one working day.
  • Payments of invoices or insurance excesses are accepted by card or BACS transfer. Failure to pay will result in a referral to a debt collection agency. In that case, the collection fees of the agency will be added to the outstanding sum; it can also affect your credit rating.