Appointment prices at Basit Medical

We know that private healthcare can be expensive. We will only offer you appointments if we are confident that we can help. However, we are unable to guarantee (despite our best intentions and efforts) how you will respond to the treatment advised.

Appointments with Dr Basit can either be in person or virtual. If you are started on a new medication or your current treatment plan needs to be changed, you will need to attend follow-up reviews to monitor your response to the prescribed medication(s) and to adjust the treatment accordingly. This phase is known as the Titration Period. The number of follow-up reviews depends on your clinical response to the treatment, the existence of any side effects and their severity, and any clinical risks involved. It is not possible to predict the total number of appointments you will need.

You will be responsible for paying any private prescriptions issued during the Titration Period. Once your new treatment plan is beneficial, and if you prefer it, we can ask your NHS GP to take over prescribing your medication(s). In order to make this request, we need your consent to communicate with your NHS GP and to share your clinical information, including clinic letters. Please be advised that the decision to take over prescribing any medications will rest only with your NHS GP.

Normal Fees

  • General Psychiatric Assessment: £400 (up to 55 minutes)
  • Follow-up Review: £220 (up to 25 minutes) 
  • Memory Assessment including cognitive test: £800 (up to 115 minutes)*
  • Adult-ADHD Assessment: £800 (up to 115 minutes)*
  • Telephone Call for Advice (not a replacement of appointments): £80 (5-10 minutes)
  • Prescriptions (outside appointments): £30
  • Letters (in addition to routine clinic letters): £30 

*Insured patients need to provide written confirmation from their providers that they cover the total price of these assessments (i.e. £800) and any subsequent follow-ups. They will be booked as self-funding if their insurer does not cover special assessments.